Hubbard Valley Gorillas

Location: Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium – Omaha, Nebraska

Size: Life-Sized Gorillas

Materials: Painted Bronze

Date: 2021

Originally constructed in April 2004, Hubbard Gorilla Valley allowed the Zoo to become a major partner in gorilla conservation. Through the continued commitment and generosity of donors, it has been updated with an African Jungle theme and enhancements that reflect the Zoo’s immersive and educational style. By leveling the grade in the main indoor habitat, the usable amount of space increased in that area by 10,000 square feet, giving the gorillas more room to roam both up high and down low. In the construction of the new habitat, I was approached to create a family of gorillas that would be placed throughout the exhibit. For months during the sculptures’ creation, I studied the gorillas at the zoo, and their behaviors, and got to know their personalities so I could reflect that in the sculptures.