The Importance of Public Art

Alaskan Adventure Splash park

Every day, you probably walk or drive past some type of public art in your town or city. It might be a monumental sculpture in a public park. Maybe it’s a large, colorful mural that adorns the facade of an otherwise plain building. It might be intricate landscape architecture or a touching bronze memorial that […]

Evidence-Based Design in the World of Healthcare

Sprit Children's Hospital Lighted Kites Sculpture

What is Evidence-Based Design? Over the past 24 years, the specialized field of study known as “Evidence-Based Design” has gained considerable influence in the world of health care. Created by the non-profit Center for Healthcare Design, Evidence-Based Design shows medical facilities how to reconfigure their physical spaces to promote healthier environments for patients and staff. […]

The Art of Bronze Casting:

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For Matthew Placzek, Monumental Efforts Result in Beautiful Monumental Sculptures Many of Matthew’s custom monumental sculptures are created through the art of bronze casting. Each sculpture begins as a figure molded out of oil-based clay, a pliant material which gives the artist ample opportunities to make alterations. (To give some perspective about the amount of […]