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Imagine Children's Hospital Sculpture

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A medical center is design by a vast amount of people who have a vision. Architects, builders, and creative directors form a team to create a home for patients, as well as a place of healing. A medical center is first designed on a blueprint and then brought to life. The development process revolves around both the interior design and the exterior landscape design. Each is equally important.

In the past year many hospitals and medical centers have looked to designers, landscape artists and even sculptors for help to magnify their facilities. The team works together from the very early concept of the medical center or following its completion.

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The Type of Benefits In Medical Center Design  Developments

A balance between color, light, environment, and controlled sound is important in developing a medical center design.

Finding a quality, professional team of architects is important, but numerous architectural firms specialize in the development of hospitals and medical centers.

HDR of Omaha has more than 200 locations all around the world in about 60 countries. Headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, HDR was the lead architect for the Children’s Hospital and Medical Center, which is one of the most innovative and appealing medical centers in the United States.

Medical Center Design With A Healing Garden

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Medical Center Design

Children’s Hospital and Medical Center In Omaha, NE

The new facility features procedures in more than 30 outpatient clinics, plus leading-edge technologies. The medical center also includes more than 75 new exam rooms to provide care beyond measure and for needs ranging from dental care to physical rehabilitation. The center, which features more than 7 floors, also includes the most scenic sculpture installation around the country, by renowned sculptor Matthew Placzek.

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Medical Center Design Sculpture By Bronze Sculptor Matthew Placzek and Team

Imagine” is one of the best known public installations in Omaha. Located on the busy intersection of 84th and Dodge streets, it is vivid and sparks joy even after sunset.

“Imagine” Covered by SobyVISION

Innovative Medical Center Design

As important as  a medical center’s outward appearance is, it is also important that it strike a balance with the interior design of the facility. Interior designer Mary Bamborough writes that another trend in modern healthcare design is the private, universal patient room. Designing identical patient rooms has its advantages, but giving each room a unique tone and feel enhances a patient’s stay at the medical center.

Although patients can stay in one location for their entire hospital stay, they sometimes are moved to another room. Changing a patient’s environment, especially while using medication, can cause certain reactions. Interior design specialists like Bamborough understand how to visually get these rooms to adapt to a patient’s changing care requirements.

“When each room is set up the same, it reduces errors, because equipment is in the same location in each room,,” Bamborough writes. “Patient transfers are also lowered, since different levels of care can be addressed and situations as common as not getting along with a roommate are no longer an issue. These can all add up to financial savings for a hospital.”


Medical Center Design